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Japanese knives of the best quality made by expert blacksmith


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The word “Sakai Hocho” stands for traditional Japanese knives which are produced in Sakai city, Osaka, Japan.

“The Sakai Hocho” or “Sakai forged knives” are the generic terms for the knives which are manufactured in Sakai city in Osaka Japan.

Sakai City is the capital of high quality manufacturers of traditional Japanese knives and blades. In fact, more than 90% of Japanese professional chefs are using knives made in Sakai City.

The History of the Sakai knives can be traced back to approximately 600 years ago. Being manufactured by joining hard and soft metals together, the Sakai Hocho become very sharp knives.

16 Layers of VG-10 Hammered Damascus

japanese knives okimasa

VG-10 is a top quality of cutlery stainless steel which is produced in Japan.

aogami blue paper

Aogami blue paper steel #2

Aogami blue paper steel #2 is one of the best ideal material for Japanese knives. The sharpness of a kitchen knife made with it lasts longer.

All knives are hand-finished by the expert Japanese blacksmith in Sakai city. Those are made with the Japanese traditional technique with the history of 600 years.

Enjoy using Japanese kitchen knife made in Sakai city

Sakai City is well known as a cutlery city because more than 90% of Japanese professional cook use Sakai knives habitually for their work.

As you may know Japanese knives are the best cutlery in the world. Furthermore Sakai knives are one of the best cutlery in Japan.

Since all knives are handcrafted by superior tradition blacksmith in Sakai City, I am sure that you will be satisfied with Sakai knives.



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